2017 Submissions

Intermission Dance Song
The Traitor Heavy Metal Song
The Harbinger Heavy Metal Song
The Seeker Heavy Metal Song
Rusty Locks Heavy Metal Song

2015 Submissions

Nova Heavy Metal Song
Fractals Heavy Metal Song
Fractals (WIP) Heavy Metal Song
The Liars, The Fakes, The Thieves (WIP) Heavy Metal Song

2014 Submissions

GnarGnar Dubstep Song

2012 Submissions

The Summit Dubstep Song
Summit Dubstep Song
Game.0ver Drum N Bass Song
Crush (MST)WIP Dubstep Song
Departure (MST) Dubstep Song
Time (WIP) Dubstep Song
Fartbox Dance Song
Fartbox (WIP) Dance Song
Driving Alone (Ft. Steighner) Dubstep Song
Kingdom of Hell Dance Song
Creations (MST) Dubstep Song
(MST)_Zephyrz Dance Song
Mind and Body Dubstep Song
FPOS Dubstep Song
The Sheen Trance Song
War Faces Trance Song
DISPATCH (mst) Trance Song
crave (mst) Trance Song
stoichiometry (mst) Trance Song
Clarification Trance Song
stoabm3 (MST) Trance Song
Dispatch2 (mst) Trance Song
Dispatch- (mst) Trance Song
Opera for a Small Room Trance Song
furstevar! Trance Song